IDEXX Neo Veterinary Software

Project description

The project is a Saas CRM system for veterinary practices. Initially built with Codeigniter, Jquery and Angular JS, then migrated to Doctrine, Laravel and Angular. Project is located on AWS EC2 and besides that it uses AWS quite significantly. There are S3 storage, SQS queries, Cloudfront for deployment etc.

Another interesting thing is multitenant database architecture. It means there are a separate database for each client. Then there are some extra things, like master database, modified laravel migrations etc. Broadly, here is the list of my main achievements:

Broadly, here is the list of my main achievements:

  • Maintained multitenant database architecture
  • Splitted single database server to multiple instances, as a part of scalling plan
  • Implemented and maintained end to end selenium based tests
  • Implemented patients species, breeds and genders management
  • Maintained and improved payments collection system
  • Implemented multiple user facing product changes/improvements/fixes
  • Introduced test coverage measurement, implemented multiple PHP unit and integration tests
  • Maintained old(8+ years) legacy codebase, made changes, fixed issues, made debugging and refactoring
  • Refactored private docker images structure. Updated dependencies for docker images.
  • Took part in phase release development
  • Maintained multiple 3rd party systems integrations
  • Updated multiple frontend and backend 3rd party libraries(fullcalendar, datepickers, twig, moment, jquery, etc.)
  • Maintained project infrastructure based on AWS, Jenkins and Github Actions
  • Automated some parts of release process with Github Actions
  • Introduced Symfony components instead of legacy Codeigniter
  • Updated Laravel from 5 to 8.
  • Optimized SQL queries
  • Optimized patients, clients, consultations search
  • Updated Angular from 7 to 13
  • Updated PHP from 7.4 to 8.0


Technologies: Symfony, Doctrine, Laravel, Angular , Codeigniter, Angular JS, Jquery, AWS, Selenium etc.