Yumapos clients websites constructor

Project description

I took part in development and support of website constructor for Yumapos system.

There is a web project with multisite support. It receives settings from Yumapos API for a specific website based on attached domain. Then there are own data for each website. There are also different design and logic based on attached domain.

Later I also implemented theming feature, saving backward capability. New and aol theme can work in parallel for different clients.

Settings for specific website can be configured in Yumapos backoffice.

Main features:

  • There are 2 modes: for single store and multistore domain
  • Theming support, implemented several themes for different clients
  • Showing of products and categories. Ecommerce integration(separate app)
  • Single store page for multistore domain
  • Showing reviews, promos, static pages
  • Google Maps integration, showing delivery zones

Websites: https://sushiwhite.ru/, https://nebulkovo.com/, http://www.brukva.pro/

Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Yumapos API, Google Maps API