2020 - summary

31 Dec 2020

Hello! 2020 is almost completed. It seems, it was crazy and hard for everybody. For a few days before new year I feel completely tired and don't really want to do any serious things. But I'm still trying to complete existing stuff as match as possible. And also summarize everything that happens with me in 2020.


2020 was quite difficult for everybody. Fortunately, I avoided most serious problems.

Most of the time this year I was working in DataArt. At the start of the year I had some expectations about professional growth. But after short time I realized, that I need to go on separately by myself. I have been waiting for quite a lot time, and there were a lot of things, before I finally decided to leave. Finally I left DataArt at november. Then I started to work in IDEXX, and in general I like it.

I also quite happy that I got rid of some annoying things. There were additional accounting payments, some negative from colleagues about remote work, a lot of unnecessary communications, corporate limitations etc.

Beside that I made a good progress for side projects. I made a lot of tasks for Yumapos, made solid refactoring for Moto50, started work on Lintex website and launched new Scitourn participant account area.

Technologies / Professional growth

This year I mainly was working on various Symfony based backend and Vue JS based frontend. Also last time I was actively working with Angular and Typescript.

Beside that I was supporting Yii2/Laravel projects. Also I had to work with different CMS, like Drupal, Magento and even 1С-Bitrix. Fortunately, I was working with CMS not so much. I just another time realized that I should should avoid it and work with technologies that I like.

Another achievement is that I completely migrated to Linux. It was not easy for me because on Linux I always had to solve some problems. Previously I didn't like that, because I prefer to do real work instead of that. But finally, I become more careless about that. And I also realized that Mac OS and Windws also have a lot of problems(probably even more). And it's not getting better for Windows/Mac OS. I also planning to dockerize my own projects, because Docker works quite fine on linux. But there are still some problems for Mac OS and Windows.

Also when I migrated to linux, I migrated from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.4. Recently I started to migrate my own projects to PHP 8.

While I was on bench, I passed training courses for Python and Vue JS. I also helped some my friends with learning Python. And I have an idea to try Flask just for fun.

Unfortunately, I didn't visit any offline conferences because of pandemic. But I hope that situation will be normalized soon and I will visit PHP Russia.

Public activity, Blog, Github

Unfortunately, I spent not so much time for public activity. I was fully loaded with commercial projects. But anyway I made some things:

  • Launched english version of my blog
  • Created placeholder images generation service
  • Facilitated learning program for Magento 2
  • Created gist for backup Mysql databases to AWS S3
  • Prepared Google Maps API examples
  • Made several test assessments and published on github without describing company name.

Personal activities

Unfortunately, I had to cancel many plans because of pandemic. This is mainly about travels.

  • Cancelled bicycle trip to South Italy
  • Cancelled summer trip to Alps, Slovenia and other countries.
  • Cancelled business trip to Germany
  • And probably some other, that I even didn't plan.

But some activities were still in place:

  • Trip to "Golden Ring" (Central Russia)
  • Last business trip to Germany. And also short weekend in Switzerland and France.
  • Mountain skiing trip to Kirovsk
  • Travel to Finland for a few weeks before pandemic.
  • Multiple travels around Leningradskaya district.
  • Boat travel through Velikaya river(Pskov area)
  • Mountain travel to Lagonaki

And also I realized my old dream to buy and play Twilight Imperium 4th.

That's all for today. Thank you for your attention! Goodbye, 2020! Welcome, 2021! And hopefully it would be happy and not so crazy...