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Money transactions service

Hello! Today I'm going to share experience of development simple money transactions service. This service is not ready for production usage. I created similar service as a software engineer test assignment. There were such requirements:

  • Implement a backend application that would allow users to transfer funds between wallets.
  • Commission of 1.5% for each operation
  • Database should be populated with sample data
  • The system should support two currency: BTC and ETH
  • Create a REST endpoint that can be used to transfer funds
  • Provide a docker-compose configuration

Register Form Example (Symfony + VueJs)

Hello! Today I would like to share simple register form example built with Symfony and Vue.js. Recently I passed the interview in some project. There we several steps and one of them was live coding.

Task wasn't very difficult. I need to create user register form working with ajax. User should set email, username and password. Email and username must be unique. Password should be checked for minimum strength/complexity. As a starting point there was an empty controller.

Feature flags service

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share my experience of creating a simple service for managing feature flags. Feature flags allow you to enable or disable some specific functionality in an application. It does not require re-deploy or rollback. Only need to enable or disable a specific feature flag. Besides that, flag checks should be added at some points in the source code.

For example, we need to add a contact form to the website, but it's also important to quickly revert changes if needed. Then we would create contact-form feature flag and check it when displaying the form and in the form handler.