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Setup Github Actions for Symfony project

Hello! Today I would like to share Github Actions configuration and usage experience. I was interested in this tool for a while. As soon as I use CI/CD, docker containers etc. for commercial projects, but not for my personal/own pet projects

Analyze code tests coverage for PHP project

Hello! Today I would like to share Code Coverage Analysis configuration for PHP(Symfony) project. Then I'm going to demonstrate integration with Github Actions.

Code Coverage Analysis is important for understanding quality of tests, and how much they are testing code. More information about Code Coverage Analysis.

Initially I configured Code Coverage Analysis for this blog. Then I also made it for one of my open source projects - placeholder-service. Idea behind is to make it more clear and share all configs.

Useful Github Actions for release management

Hello! Today I would like to review Github Actions for repository management and release automation.

I had a task to automate existing manual release preparation process(create branch, update version file etc.). There were 2 main steps: pre-release and post-release. Another task was to automate some post release steps(create tag/release, merge branches, remove release branch etc.).