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Money transactions service

Hello! Today I'm going to share experience of development simple money transactions service. This service is not ready for production usage. I created similar service as a software engineer test assignment. There were such requirements:

  • Implement a backend application that would allow users to transfer funds between wallets.
  • Commission of 1.5% for each operation
  • Database should be populated with sample data
  • The system should support two currency: BTC and ETH
  • Create a REST endpoint that can be used to transfer funds
  • Provide a docker-compose configuration

Analyze code tests coverage for PHP project

Hello! Today I would like to share Code Coverage Analysis configuration for PHP(Symfony) project. Then I'm going to demonstrate integration with Github Actions.

Code Coverage Analysis is important for understanding quality of tests, and how much they are testing code. More information about Code Coverage Analysis.

Initially I configured Code Coverage Analysis for this blog. Then I also made it for one of my open source projects - placeholder-service. Idea behind is to make it more clear and share all configs.

Feature flags service

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share my experience of creating a simple service for managing feature flags. Feature flags allow you to enable or disable some specific functionality in an application. It does not require re-deploy or rollback. Only need to enable or disable a specific feature flag. Besides that, flag checks should be added at some points in the source code.

For example, we need to add a contact form to the website, but it's also important to quickly revert changes if needed. Then we would create contact-form feature flag and check it when displaying the form and in the form handler.

Symfony Fixtures with Codeception DataFactory

Hello everyone! Today I would like to describe the method of fixtures organisation in Symfony based web-application with Codeception Doctrine2 module.

Usually fixtures are used for testing data generation. Most common case usages are integration tests. Symfony's fixtures are implemented within DoctrineFixturesBundle package.

PHP tests coverage performance comparison

Hello! Today I would like to share experience in test coverage reporting performance optimisation for PHP project.

Once we decided to measure and watch test coverage for the project. There is a Symfony components project, which partially covered by unit and integration tests.