Analyze code tests coverage for PHP project

Hello! Today I would like to share Code Coverage Analysis configuration for PHP(Symfony) project. Then I'm going to demonstrate integration with Github Actions.

Code Coverage Analysis is important for understanding quality of tests, and how much they are testing code. More information about Code Coverage Analysis.

Initially I configured Code Coverage Analysis for this blog. Then I also made it for one of my open source projects - placeholder-service. Idea behind is to make it more clear and share all configs.

Setup Github Actions for Symfony project

Hello! Today I would like to share Github Actions configuration and usage experience. I was interested in this tool for a while. As soon as I use CI/CD, docker containers etc. for commercial projects, but not for my personal/own pet projects

2020 - summary

Hello! 2020 is almost completed. It seems, it was crazy and hard for everybody. For a few days before new year I feel completely tired and don't really want to do any serious things. But I'm still trying to complete existing stuff as match as possible. And also summarize everything that happens with me in 2020.

Thank you, DataArt. Hello, IDEXX!

Hello! 6th November 2020 was my last working day in DataArt. 9th November I started work in IDEXX. IDEXX company is working on development, manufacture, and distribution of products and services for animal veterinary and other things. I'm working on Neo project - CRM system for veterinary practices.

Register Form Example (Symfony + VueJs)

Hello! Today I would like to share simple register form example built with Symfony and Vue.js. Recently I passed the interview in some project. There we several steps and one of them was live coding.

Task wasn't very difficult. I need to create user register form working with ajax. User should set email, username and password. Email and username must be unique. Password should be checked for minimum strength/complexity. As a starting point there was an empty controller.

Money transactions service

Hello! Today I'm going to share experience of development simple money transactions service. This service is not ready for production usage. I created similar service as a software engineer test assignment. There were such requirements:

  • Implement a backend application that would allow users to transfer funds between wallets.
  • Commission of 1.5% for each operation
  • Database should be populated with sample data
  • The system should support two currency: BTC and ETH
  • Create a REST endpoint that can be used to transfer funds
  • Provide a docker-compose configuration

Google Maps API usage examples

Hello! Now I would like to share Google Maps API usage examples. Previously I had some experience with it. Usually it was just attach google maps to website and add several markers. At the same time I was interested to try advanced features of Google Maps API. This post contains list of features with simple examples.

Image Placeholder Service

Hello! Today I would like to share experience of creating placeholder image placeholder service.

Placeholder images can be used for website template development. In case there is no real image, but we need to use something instead of it. There is an example of such template.

English version is launched!

Hello! Today I'm finally completed work on english version of my blog.

I had this idea for a long time. Anyway, english is mainly used in programming. Most part of my carrier I'm working for foreign clients. And it's not really comfortable to share my russian blog with foreign colleagues.

Internet in country house with Mikrotik Wap LTE Kit

Hello! A few weeks ago, because of carantine etc. I started to work remote from country house.

Previously there was no dedicated internet connection. It was quite enough to use internet sharing from smartphone. Besides that, country house was mainly place for having rest, not for permanent living and working.