Image Placeholder Service

Hello! Today I would like to share experience of creating placeholder image placeholder service.

Placeholder images can be used for website template development. In case there is no real image, but we need to use something instead of it. There is an example of such template.

English version is launched!

Hello! Today I'm finally completed work on english version of my blog.

I had this idea for a long time. Anyway, english is mainly used in programming. Most part of my carrier I'm working for foreign clients. And it's not really comfortable to share my russian blog with foreign colleagues.

Internet in country house with Mikrotik Wap LTE Kit

Hello! A few weeks ago, because of carantine etc. I started to work remote from country house.

Previously there was no dedicated internet connection. It was quite enough to use internet sharing from smartphone. Besides that, country house was mainly place for having rest, not for permanent living and working.

Magento 2 learning program

Hello! In this article I'm going to present learning plan for Magento 2.

Recently I had a task to prepare several PHP-developers to work with this system. While I was working on it, I created such learning plan. Learning process should take about 2-3 months. In case of luck of time, some action points can be reduced or skipped.